Avengement (afcots)
  • IMDb 6.5
  • Rotten tomatoes 87%
  • Google user 93%
  • Director – Jesse.v Johnson
  • Writer – Jesse V. Johnson , Stu Small
  • Release Date – 24 May 2019

Scott Adkins is one of the most popular actors who won the hearts of the audience.He does justice to the character, as he does the main character in Avengement film. We can understand by the film name what happens in this film. The movie, which premiered on the 24th May, has so far not counted any income or expense reports yet. Scott Adkins’s large number of films have arrived. One of the most popular and popular film series is undisputed.He became very popular in the film.

Avengement 2019 {afcots}

Let’s see what his other films are

  1. Close range 2015
  2. Savage dog 2017
  3. Ninja 2009
  4. No surrender 2018
  5. Accident man 2018
  6. Undisputed serious

These are just a few of the films he played. Undisputed film Series has watched like all the people’s in the world.The Avengement 2019 Film has become very popular.Surely you know what his acting is and how he fights.

Let’s see how the film content

Ken meets a business plan here,but he doesn’t have a penny. Ken has a brother. He is an underworld leader and a drug dealer. He is a family man and lives in a drug business.

Because Ken wants money for business,Ken goes to get money from his brother. Brother says he’ll give the money,but you have a job to do. The job ken got is to bring a package the women named lid have. Ken doesn’t like this.But ken has no penny and nothing else to do he is going to do the job.but ken’s brother has not told to ken that he owes the money. so,Ken agreed.Somehow the woman dies in a car accident as soon as the parcel is brought.Police captures Ken. How can Ken’s life go beyond that? This is a very good movie full of action,crime and  thriller.

Though Cain has a clean record,he is sentenced to the most violent prison in England.He is stabbed multiple times,got napalm on his face and also most of his tooth detained.But he always wins-over the situation. Though his fights are implemented for self-defense,his sentenced extends every time. Cain realizes he must become a cold-blooded killer to survive, though he does not understand why he is being targeted. After several years, one among his attackers says Lincoln has put an outsized bounty on his head.

Not knowing that he fought his well beyond the bouncers, Tune’s friends caution him that the stranger could also be one among Lincoln’s friends.When Lincoln’s lieutenant,Hyde,arrives he recognizes Cain. When Cain reveals himself as Rook’s killer,Hyde is surprised. He forces Ken Hyde with a gun to call Lincoln, who is to blame for making him a ler killer.


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