Annabelle (afcots)
  • IMDb 6.0
  • Rotten tomatoes 65%
  • Google user 81%
  • Director – Gary Dauberman
  • Writer – James Wan
  • Release Date – 26 June 2019

Annabelle has a likening to the movie “The conjuring”, which won the hearts of many. The first Annabelle film is coming in 2014, and thus the opposite in 2017. It’s name is Annabelle Creation. All three of these series are very good. So you can see the two characters in the film.You know that Warren couple who knows how to stop the ghosts,is smart. 

Annabelle 2019 (afcots)

The movie premiered on June 26. The film has so far earned over 225 million. It has been more successful than the first and second films. You may have heard the talk about dolls.

So let’s see what this doll’s story is about

This story starts with the warren I mentioned earlier. So this is going to be their home and I remind you who Warren is. They’re working with the vicious souls. They have the souvenirs related to ghost haunting, and stopped the evil spirits. So they keep a separate room in the house to keep them. So here you are, Annabelle in that room. He said , he is locked up in a glass box.

Warren’s daughter’s name is “Judy”. She has no other siblings. So when Warren couple go to work,they get Judy’s friend mary elan.

Because she is Judy’s best friend and Mary Ellen has a friend,she is Daniela a girl who doesn’t listen. Judy’s birthday is approaching. So Judy with Mary Ellen makes a cake for her birthday party. In the meantime, Daniela is coming. Daniela knows that Judy’s mom and dad are working on evil egos. So Daniela is curious to check out their house.

Denila goes to the good storage room. What will happen there? The film is worth a look.. So you have to watch the film…

Still, “Annabelle Comes Home” isn’t entirely without its guilty pleasures.The “Conjuring” universe has always featured a high-end wardrobe, so the latest episode is in line with Lee Butler’s clever designs, which revolve around the transitional look of the first 70s. Doberman is right up to the ridiculous humor of the franchise given to Bob, who strikes hard with Mary Ellen and rescues him from his own little horrible corner. Age stories of different girls. But “Annabelle Comes Home” proves its perhaps time to put the genie back in its bottle and bring this particular creepy doll series to a decisive close.

Daniela’s initial and completely implausible break into the prohibited room—clearly marked with various warning signs—followed by her opening of Annabelle’s case labeled with a massive “Positively Do Not Open” notice, makes very little sense. We only vaguely comprehend how a curious teen could be that fearless, and only mildly sympathize with her reasons to stubbornly put everyone in danger’s way. Meanwhile the script (also by Dauberman, from a story by Wan) doesn’t grant Daniela the generosity of smarts. For the most part, her actions and bravery seem senselessly obtuse, begging the question, why can’t she just ask the Warrens to safely initiate a connection with her father, if it could be done at all?

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