The Secret Life of Pet 2 (afcots)
  • IMDb 6.5
  • Rotten tomatoes 60%
  • Google user 89%
  • Director – Chris Renaud
  • Writer – Brian Lynch
  • Release Date – 7 June 2019
The Secret Life of Pet 2 2019 (afcots)

This is the second film in The Secret Life of Pets. The audience who watched the first film knows what happend in that film. The ratings of this are not enough according to my thinking. The first film has come out well in earnings. As a result of the huge audience response it got the 6th rank in the revenue circles also. The movie “The Secret Life of Pets” theatered on May 24th which also has a cost of 80 millions USD in production. But now this film has got a 429 millions in earnings. Now you understand that the animation filmas have a huge audience in the world.

The character Max you see in this film is a little weird. Max don’t like kids and their doings. Keti and Chuck are expecting a child. Now Max is out as Max doesn’t like children. The child name is “Liam”. Will anything happen between Liam and Max?. Do you remember the first film of 2016 that was released in the movie? The “Snobell” character in the first movie wasn’t certainly a good one and finally he turned into a good character at the end as you all remember. Snobell in that film is a hero in this film.To watch all these you have to watch the film. This movie is like a comedy and isn’t a lazy animation movie that we can watch.

The original “Secret Life of Pets” 2016 was similarly small but consistently fun. It tapped into the notion that surely every pet owner—excuse me, human companion—has contemplated at one time or another: What do our furry friends do all day while we’re away? This is an incredibly simple but irreversible idea for a film. It’s “Toy Story,” with animals. Still, the voice cast was so strong, the adventures were so playful and the animated character design had such oddball appeal (as is always the case with Illumination Entertainment productions) that it was a delightful experience all around for the whole family.

This is just one of the stories “Pets 2” follows as Max, Duke, Liam and the grown-ups take a road trip to the country for a getaway—and ostensibly to introduce an entirely new variety of talking farm animals. They include Harrison Ford—surprisingly, in his first voice-acting role—lending his sardonic growl as the elder-statesman herding dog Rooster. But back home in Manhattan, a no-nonsense Shih Tzu named Daisy (welcome addition Tiffany Haddish) has tasked Captain Snowball, as he calls himself, with rescuing a tiger cub from the clutches of an evil circus master (Nick Kroll doing a thick Russian accent).

And at the same time, Gidget must retrieve Max’s favorite squeaky toy—which he asked her to guard while he was away—after it accidentally bounces into the chamber of horrors that is the nutty cat lady’s apartment downstairs.

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