John Wick Chapter 3 (afcots)
  • IMDb 7.6
  • Rotten tomatoes 90%
  • Director – chad stahelski
  • Writer – derek kolstad
  • Release Date – 17 May 2019

Keanu Reevas is a famous actor in the cinema because of John Wick movie furthermore he has also taken part to some other movies as the main character.

John Wick Chapter 3 2019 (afcots)

Do you remember John Wick first movie was released in 2014 and the story of this movie was the massacre of those who killed his girlfriend’s pet with the loss of his girlfriend.
For the reason that it made a lot of income, it was decided to make a second film of John Wick.
In that film you will remember those who destroyed his house are killed.

Well here is what happens in third movie. The High Table controlling authority which also has a legal system.

In the second film, we can see the massacre of the people who destroyed his house. This case is going too far and with this, there is a violation of law in this High Table. Finally in conclusion, we can see in the new story John is trying to save his life because the High Table decides to give 14 million USD for the person who can bring the head of John because of his violation crime. Now we can imagine how many people will come to take this price.

In 2020, the fourth film arrives. And fans can watch it by next year.

Let’s compare these films

While this year’s film earned a profit of USD 321 millio and spent USD 75 million for production.
Summit entertainment produces the best movies. This superb action movie runs within 101 minutes. And there’s no laziness and definitely we should not be miss this movie as fans.

In the original “John Wick,” we were introduce to Wick, the recently widowed former member of a shadow cabal of assassins governed by the rules-obsessed dining table , who spurred back to action when connected punks killed the dog left to him by his late wife.In “John Wick: Chapter 2,” he was still enmeshed within the world that he had successfully left behind and at the top , he killed a member of the dining table while on the grounds of the Continental Hotel, an institution designated as a secure ground for those within the assassin trade.

Wick’s plan is to make his way to Morocco in the hopes of tracking down the secretive leader of the High Table in order to make a personal offer to atone for his grave transgression.Although no one in the organization was suppose to offer any assistance to Wick, he does receive some aid from a couple of people from his past,his onetime mentor (Anjelica Huston) and Sofia (Halle Berry), a onetime killer who now runs the Morocco branch of the Continental and owes Wick for a past favor.

When the first “John Wick” came out, audiences expecting just another dopey action film were shock to seek out that it had been a borderline brilliant work that contained an unexpectedly smart and funny screenplay, a performance from Keanu Reeves that bordered on sublimity within the way that it properly utilized his unique persona, and action sequences so stylishly executed that they reminded viewers of the simplest works of such genre masters as Walter Hill, John Woo, and Luc Besson.

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