Hobbs & Shaw Review (afcots)

Hobbs & Shaw Movie Review

Hobbs & shaw (afcots)
  • IMDb 6.5
  • Rotten tomatoes 67%
  • Google user 89%
  • Director – David Leitch
  • Writer – Chris Morgan , Drew Pearce
  • Release Date – 2 August 2019

Fast and Furious is one of the most famous film series in the world as we all are aware.
Eight films have been released in this series. We are getting to mention Fast and Furious Hobbs & Shaw which is that the ninth movie during this series what we were eagerly expecting.This movie was released on 13th July 2019 and it has cost 200 millions dollars for the production and 775 millions dollars have been earned as box office income

Hobbs & shaw 2019 (afcots)

Now we will take a look at the past of this movie series

  • The fast and the furious
  • 2 fast 2 furious
  • The fast and the furious tokyo drift
  • fast & furious
  • fast five
  • fast & furious 6
  • furious 7
  • The fate of the furious

This is how this film series has come and most of you may have not watched all of these movies.
The first movie released in 2001 and the story was create using modern cars, illegal car races and robberies as well.

In this year movie (2019) has no illegal car races and such robberies. Therefore it has given a different taste to the movie fans and it has high value of income too.

Now we will get to the other side of this story..

As you know Hobbs and Shaw are two assailants in this story which is based on a CT17 Snowflake virus. An agent from CIA’s is coming to meet Hob. This virus was already stolen by the time the agent meets him. So it is up to Hob who has to find the virus

This virus is very harmful and it can even melt a human body. So this mission becomes so difficult and therefore CIA hands this mission over to Shaw too. However Hobbs and Shaw do not know that they have to do this together. Both of them are assailants and the film has been made quite well with those things.

There’s an almost metronomic approach to the first hour of “Hobbs and Shaw” that’s downright admirable in its no-fat execution. Fight, verbal spar, chase scene, fight, a little exposition, more insulting each other, etc. As with most great action movies, there’s a rhythm thereto , which pace is fine-tuned by the actors involved. Johnson and Statham became the foremost entertaining things about this franchise years ago, and that they skills to lean into their on-screen personas perfectly. In a sense, it’s an old-fashioned 80s buddy comedy, but with modern technology and sensibilities. However, Leitch and company are smart enough to know that the routine between the two powerhouses would get stale for two hours and so they give them Elba and Kirby to switch up the energy.

There’s an interesting piece to write about how Hobbs and Shaw are constantly turning to women in this movie to save them. Including Eiza Gonzalez’s Madame, a cameo from Helen Mirren as Shaw’s mom again, and a key character in the final act that I won’t spoil. But I admired how much Leitch and Kirby refused to turn Hattie into the damsel in distress character that she easily could have become. To be blunt, there’s no real emotional stakes in the final third of this movie, and I checked out more than I did in the best of the series (“Fast Five,” “Furious 7”).

I know what you’re saying. “Emotional stakes?“In Voting Power, which has become more science fiction than action? It’s funny that they refer to Brixton as both Black Superman and The Terminator, showing how much the needle on this series has pushed into fantasy and sci-fi. But even the most superficially escapist entertainment needs to build to something, and the lackluster setting and spotty execution of the final big sequences here reminded me more of lesser “Fast & Furious” movies.

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